Wednesday, September 14, 2016


After a long absence I am back. 5 months ago I lost someone I was very close too.
I am doing better and I thank everyone who was so kind to leave messages here.

This blog is about finding my best hair length. I have not cut/trimmed my hair yet but now I am ready.  I wanted to share some videos of the length so you can get an idea of how long it is and to leave some history behind. I never planned on my hair getting this long, my limit was ankles. It is now about 84" long, way past floor. To be perfectly honest, these videos are from last year and I never had the time or desire to edit and post them until now.

So as I get back into posting here, lets start by seeing the length so I can start my reverse journey. Although my hair is slightly longer than in these videos it will show you a good example. Honestly, its just too long. I never wear it down and I can't stand stepping on it.
It needs a good trim. Long hair is not all about "the longest"and I will be happier when it is at a more manageable and practical length. So a little at a time (possibly months between trims) I will be finding my best length and sharing thoughts about it through this blog including photo's and videos.
I will still have long hair and I never plan on cutting it short. It's been an amazing journey to this length. I have learned so much and had so much fun sharing and meeting others with long hair interest.

Health over length now! Are you with me?

Here is my hair curled. It just shows up better on video when it is curled!

And one making a ponytail with the curls when they loosened up later in the day.

Thank you for your patience!