Wednesday, July 22, 2015

# 6 Post- Length at 83 inches VIDEO

Photo of my longest length!
A quick (non HD) VIDEO of the last 18+inches of my hair.
So... I plan to start trimming my hair and I really am happy about this decision!I have wanted to do it for a long time!
I have been so busy in the last 2 years that my hair has grown much longer than I ever planned. Now it is so hard to walk with it down that I step on it constantly.  I can never wear it down at this length.
I hope people that have followed me during the last 10 years will understand and support me.I will still keep my hair LONG, just not THIS long! 
I want to be a good example of long healthy hair!
Please leave a comment below...Thank you!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

#5 POST-Youtube Hair Length/Progress VIDEOS starting in 2006. See it GROW year to year!!

Here are some videos showing various lengths going back to 2006 when I first joined youtube. Here are some, but not all. Visit my Youtube channel for every video.
This gives you an idea for those who have never followed my Journey, or for anyone wanting to review just to see where I started. I mainly focused on hair tutorials so there are fewer of these length videos. Here are some favorites:
2006 Classic One
I started my longer hair journey where many people STOP! Here is one of my first length videos. It was at classic length here or about 40" long.

Next is my combing 4 ft of hair video which has been very popular.Using a wide tooth comb, I simply comb my long hair. Find a knot? Watch how I handle it!
2007 Combing 4 ft of hair

Next is a short video of me with hair at about mid thigh. I comb and fan the hair. See the shorter pieces of hair on the sides? Those are bangs I grew out. My hair looks very light with the natural lighting coming through the window.
2008 JJJ Combs Knee Length Hair

This was my original goal, reaching knee length / 56". Here I comb and walk showing you the current length.  This is my MOST VIEWED VIDEO.
2009 Combing 56" straight Blonde Hair

Sitting in my computer chair I hang my hair over the chair and post text about it.
Maybe you will learn something new about my journey by watching.
2010 Knee length hair and a chair.


 Long hair out of my vehicle window blowing in the wind. Celebrating reaching 60"/5ft in April 2011/ calf length. I had decided to grow it longer instead of going back to knees!Now I was testing my hair genes to see how long I could grow! It was a slower process now with frequent trims to keep the hemline looking fair.
2011 Long Hair Wrangler

This video is of a single English Braid over a chair.  Braid video was made in fall of 2012 with hair almost at ankles/66"! Sorry its hard to tell how long it is here.
2012 One Long Braid

In 2014 I made a video showing HOW TO MEASURE long hair the correct way. People should do this to get an accurate measurement. Also includes some combing being done by RJ. My hair is 72" here and I am using a NEW HD CAMERA so it's better quality! I am not a big fan of fairytale ends but It kept growing!
 2014 JJJ Measuring & Combing Floor Length Hair.


 The Next video will be of my hair at its longest length at 80+ inches in 2015 
( before trimming ) 
 VIDEO COMING SOON to this spot! Check back soon!

For visiting my BLOG! JJJ


Thursday, May 14, 2015

# 4 POST-My Hair Lengths Chart

A Good place to start is seeing the chart. Beyond Floor Length is my hair length when I start this reverse journey to health over length. NOTE: I will not go too short so please don't worry! This will happen in smaller steps and over weeks or months.

My Personal Hair Chart-New!
I added more lengths that may not be found on other charts, like upper, mid, lower calf...hey it's my chart right? Why limit the lengths! 
Does anyone know what beyond floor might be called?
I have already decided where to trim for the first time and plan to do it as soon as possible.
I will post photos after I trim, before and afters and hopefully a video. For anyone wondering, YES, I have trimmed my hair many times before. In the last 10 years I have trimmed at least 25". I have trimmed my hair often and do trims for split ends called search and destroy! Who will trim my hair? I will do a self trim and have husband RJ  examine it and make sure it's even. What kind of cut? Straight across.
I will be using ice tempered stainless shears that are super sharp and only used for hair trims or S&D.

Here is my old original hair chart!
Hair photo from 2006
feel free to comment here or in my guestbook.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

# 3 POST Favortie Buns for floor length hair(VIDEOS)

With hair past the floor I wear my hair up everyday!
 I have been wearing it up for many years and due to the need to wear BUNS,I have my own way of doing my hair. I have a few of my favorite styles to share. My styles are pretty basic, no intricate braiding,tight twisting, curling etc... just everyday buns that can be done quickly. Of course your hair need not be to the floor to do these! Try them with shorter lengths like  knee,classic or waist length.  I use some basic tools, hair clips/claw clips and hair sticks. Here are the BUNS I wear the most. My top 4 favorite videos :)
Lets start with The JJJ Pretzel Bun.
I invented this bun in 2005 when I was experimenting with creating buns and using claw clips. My hair is somewhat heavy and I found that with claw clips, the hair is held up all day with no pulling or sagging! Although there are fancier tools to hold hair, I love these clips!
This bun is what brought me to Youtube! I wanted to share it and was one of the first to make a bun demo!
This is the remake from 2014. I have the Original tutorial from 2005 linked to this video.


I also love the JJJ's Figure 8 Twist ( below) I wear this often. (With my bun being so large, I prefer elongated buns over buns that are round, like a cinnamon bun) With my longer hair I was able to twist the hair one more time, changing the look of a figure 8 type bun. Again using 2 claw clips for this style (so comfy) I can wear this bun all day!

I never twist the hair very tight. The ponytail helps hold it all together. Metal free elastics only and 2 of them since my hair is heavy. The clips are by Goody and are the best clips I have ever used!

Another frequently worn bun is the JJJ's 2 Stick Cinnamon Bun
For years I had trouble using hair sticks and couldn't figure out how to get them to hold. They never worked good for me until I started experimenting by putting them in during the bun making and not after!

 Using the metal free elastics again I start with a ponytail, but this is actually optional.The first twist should be tight. Insert the stick through the center of the rolled hair, catching some scalp hair and pushing through the other side of the rolled hair. This is a strong base. These wooden hair sticks were made for me by husband RJ.


And a newer style, JJJ's Easy Hand Wrap Bun
Using the 2 elastics (needed in this style) make a ponytail. Wrap the hair around the hand until you run out. Now insert the stick.
Its a very easy style and beginners can do it!

This originated when I would squeeze water out of my hair while washing it. I never twist the wet hair, I only wrapped it around my hand to squeeze out water! It evolved into this bun! This is a go to bun in the morning because I can do it so quickly (20 sec)


Protective styles like this are very important to wear often to save from the wear and tear of wearing it down or even in a braid. Rubbing on clothes, catching on things, blowing and tangling take a toll. Avoid or decrease split ends and tangles by wearing protective styles like buns! 

Long haired Ladies, try these styles! Good for men too!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

# 2 POST What is it like to have PAST Floor Length Hair?

My hair is actually PAST the floor by several inches, 82" to be exact. Its really just too long to walk with it down now. Although it does taper quite a bit, I step on it easily and this really bothers me. So, I really have to wear it up ALL OF THE TIME! When I comb it I need to lift it up to reach the ends or comb from behind like this!

When I carefully blow dry it, it is so long that it takes much longer for the whole process. Bending forward drying, my hair is really laying on the floor quite a bit! My hair starts to go down the shower drain while washing! Washing it is not very hard, I simply wash it standing in the shower. I do however use lots of conditioner these days!My favorite conditioner right now is Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner. It has lots of cones and I really need them to comb out my hair and eliminate tangles! Combing out wet hair is the part I like least!
Trying to sit with hair this long requires moving it several times. Either over the back of a chair or behind me as I try to avoid sitting on it. (once you hit classic you sit on it)
Braiding it takes about 10 minutes if I have a good day. Just the separating it into 3 sections is a challenge because the ends get stuck together. When your hair is longer than your arms can reach, things become a challenge! It becomes a super challenge beyond floor! All during these things I try to be as gentle as possible so it just takes some extra time.
I love to use a BBB (Boar Bristle Brush) on the scalp, but find it nearly impossible to go from scalp to tips now. I currently only BBB the length.
I just put my hair up and forget about it! It feels great to wear it up and not have to worry about it getting in the way with every move I make! But, at this length I wrap, and wrap, and wrap to make buns! They are also very BIG with so much hair!I needed 3 sticks for this one!

On the other hand, I am grateful for having the hair genes to grow to this length. I never really intended to even go past ankle length. Life got in the way(family illness) and I ignored the length for 18+ months tending to other things more important.

 Is there such a thing as too long? YES.
I am still working on a couple projects before I go shorter. I am shocked seeing my photos and the extreme length lol. I look forward to being able to wear it down sometimes and not step on it!

Thanks for visiting! JJJ

Monday, May 11, 2015

# 1 POST...Reverse hair journey & Introduction

Hello! I have had this blog since 2011 but never really used it! I'm ready to start by updating you with my hair length and documenting my reverse journey. What is a reverse journey? Going backwards and on to hair a bit shorter. My hair is 80 inches right now and I am ready to do many trims deciding on my ideal length!It has been a fun journey and I have reached many goals!
Now it is time to balance Health and Length and start trimming. I have been growing my hair long since 1991 and maintained at tailbone to classic for 10 years between 1995 & 2005. In 2005 I decided to grow longer. Knee was my original goal but I was encouraged to grow longer. Testing my hair genes I decided to grow to ankles. Life got in the way and before I knew it I was at floor length and then beyond floor. This blog will include trimming videos from YouTube and info on my past progress up to my longest length! 
(see post #5 for progress videos starting in 2006!)
 Join me on my blog!
 (also a backup in case my main website at "Zoomshare" is closed at some point. My server came close to closing in 2014 with little warning!)

My original goal was knee length in 2005!
I started my longer hair journey in 2005 with hair at 36". I have trimmed at least 25" during the last 10 years and still have hair past the floor.Here are a few photos of different lengths.
So check back because I plan to start trimming soon. Health over length from now on. I have tested my hair genes to see if my hair would keep did! It grew longer than I ever planned! I have a 2014 video of measuring my hair. Husband RJ helps me comb and measure. He will help my with my future trims if I need him. I do love to self trim too!Its very easy and fun to self trim!
Leave mt a comment below :)
Here is the video of measuring long hair. My hair is still growing at a steady pace of half inch a month. There is some taper and the ends are over 10 years old! Time to trim :)
I have many youtube videos on 2 channels. JJJLONGHAIR4u2c  for hair tutorials, art of hair and hair progress. JJJLONGHAIR for hair tips, products and more.