Thursday, June 4, 2015

#5 POST-Youtube Hair Length/Progress VIDEOS starting in 2006. See it GROW year to year!!

Here are some videos showing various lengths going back to 2006 when I first joined youtube. Here are some, but not all. Visit my Youtube channel for every video.
This gives you an idea for those who have never followed my Journey, or for anyone wanting to review just to see where I started. I mainly focused on hair tutorials so there are fewer of these length videos. Here are some favorites:
2006 Classic One
I started my longer hair journey where many people STOP! Here is one of my first length videos. It was at classic length here or about 40" long.

Next is my combing 4 ft of hair video which has been very popular.Using a wide tooth comb, I simply comb my long hair. Find a knot? Watch how I handle it!
2007 Combing 4 ft of hair

Next is a short video of me with hair at about mid thigh. I comb and fan the hair. See the shorter pieces of hair on the sides? Those are bangs I grew out. My hair looks very light with the natural lighting coming through the window.
2008 JJJ Combs Knee Length Hair

This was my original goal, reaching knee length / 56". Here I comb and walk showing you the current length.  This is my MOST VIEWED VIDEO.
2009 Combing 56" straight Blonde Hair

Sitting in my computer chair I hang my hair over the chair and post text about it.
Maybe you will learn something new about my journey by watching.
2010 Knee length hair and a chair.


 Long hair out of my vehicle window blowing in the wind. Celebrating reaching 60"/5ft in April 2011/ calf length. I had decided to grow it longer instead of going back to knees!Now I was testing my hair genes to see how long I could grow! It was a slower process now with frequent trims to keep the hemline looking fair.
2011 Long Hair Wrangler

This video is of a single English Braid over a chair.  Braid video was made in fall of 2012 with hair almost at ankles/66"! Sorry its hard to tell how long it is here.
2012 One Long Braid

In 2014 I made a video showing HOW TO MEASURE long hair the correct way. People should do this to get an accurate measurement. Also includes some combing being done by RJ. My hair is 72" here and I am using a NEW HD CAMERA so it's better quality! I am not a big fan of fairytale ends but It kept growing!
 2014 JJJ Measuring & Combing Floor Length Hair.


 The Next video will be of my hair at its longest length at 80+ inches in 2015 
( before trimming ) 
 VIDEO COMING SOON to this spot! Check back soon!

For visiting my BLOG! JJJ


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  1. Your Hair is so Nice.
    Pls make a new Hair and a Chair Video, i cant wait to see your beatiful Hair moves on your Chair. (๑・ω-)~♥”