Thursday, May 14, 2015

# 4 POST-My Hair Lengths Chart

A Good place to start is seeing the chart. Beyond Floor Length is my hair length when I start this reverse journey to health over length. NOTE: I will not go too short so please don't worry! This will happen in smaller steps and over weeks or months.

My Personal Hair Chart-New!
I added more lengths that may not be found on other charts, like upper, mid, lower calf...hey it's my chart right? Why limit the lengths! 
Does anyone know what beyond floor might be called?
I have already decided where to trim for the first time and plan to do it as soon as possible.
I will post photos after I trim, before and afters and hopefully a video. For anyone wondering, YES, I have trimmed my hair many times before. In the last 10 years I have trimmed at least 25". I have trimmed my hair often and do trims for split ends called search and destroy! Who will trim my hair? I will do a self trim and have husband RJ  examine it and make sure it's even. What kind of cut? Straight across.
I will be using ice tempered stainless shears that are super sharp and only used for hair trims or S&D.

Here is my old original hair chart!
Hair photo from 2006
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  1. JJJ, is possible that you find classic length or also waist length as a perfect length??

  2. Broom length:)???

  3. I would recommend mid calf length, that would get you to the point of hair all one length as this appears to be about the length of your bangs now.

  4. I would recommend first anklelength. It's a length you don't touch the floor and you can trim off the most thin ends. So you can see how anklelength look with thick ends :-)

  5. hello jjjlonghair
    I love you hair at anklelength, but if you have to cut, I would recommend mid calf lengh,and I love your Hair as is.
    best regards