Sunday, January 3, 2016

Post# 7

It's been almost 6 months since I posted. 
All of my plans have been put on hold for now due to a family illness. I have been the main caretaker and have not had the right time to do my trim. I want to do it with a happy state of mind, clear thinking and not regret anything.
I also wanted to do some before videos and honestly, I just lost the drive to do hair related projects during such a difficult time in my life. I did get a few photos.

I hope anyone following this blog will understand the reasons for the pause. I fully intended on posting every month. My hair is probably about 84-85" right now.I honestly quit measuring it for now. It is longer than I ever imagined it would ever be. When I reached ankle length my family member began their downward journey. Other issues in my life also zapped my drive. Stress caused a major shedding phase too.My hair has been surviving things I have put it through. Having to jump up in the middle of the night to care for the ill several times, being away from home has made me start wearing my hair up in a bun to sleep, which I really hate to do. Combing, brushing and washing became a luxury. I never imagined my life could change so much so fast. Knots were the enemy from hardly combing it or having the patience to care for it. So I have left my hair alone and not been thinking about it much. That is how to get your hair long in the first place right?

I also was afraid to cut it fearing it would be unlucky during this hard time. I needed all the positive forces I could keep!

My hair journey has been long. When the time is right I plan to trim.
For now please enjoy what I have posted over the last 10 years online.

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Finding my best hair length will continue...just with a pause for a while.

Here is a special Hair History Video for you which includes hair progress and some of my first bun photos. It ends at 2010 at about lower calf length.

Thanks for listening. I will be back...
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  1. JJJ I am sorry to hear your family illness. I really hope that everything turns out well. All the best for you and your family.

  2. Thanks for the update J. I'm sorry to hear about the family illness. It's unfortunate when this scenario presents itself, but it's special people like you who step in and do what's needed. We all can hope that someone will be there for us in our time of need. I believe in the "pay it forward" philosophy, as I imagine you do too.

    You're a beautiful lady with a good sole. Thanks for sharing your story and letting all us long hair fans take a peak into your personal life.

    I hope 2016 brings you good things, and long healthy hair. Keep up the good work! I'm a big fan.

    -- John

  3. JJJ, I hope your life chance on the near time. This is a perfect moment to be supported by your fans.

    If hoy need to talk something, you could count on me right? I'm Adrian from Argentina, and you help me to take café about my girlfriend's hair, and we cut 32 cm 8 months ago.

    I'll thank you all my life, you are crear. If you need something, just answer here.

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the family illness. I wish you and your family all the best.


  5. I'm sorry to hear about your family illness. I hope they get well soon. *big hugs*

    1. Thank you. Sadly there was no cure and I lost my family member recently.

  6. JJJ, Thank you for sharing your story. We humans are all connected and need the support of each other in this world.I hope for recovery and good health for whomever you are caring for. You are a wonderful woman and this person is blessed to have you in their life. Please take time to keep yourself healthy. You need to maintain strength for the both of you and it's important to keep yourself physically able to help. As for mentally, that's the real challenge. I will be praying for your mind and attitude. Take care of yourself.

  7. Sadly,my family member passed away at the end of April 2016. Thank you for the support.
    I will update soon about future hair trimming in POST #8 after a little more time passes.I am looking forward to trimming my hair after postponing it for so long...

  8. JJJ, I am saddened to hear that your family member has passed on. I pray that you and your family get through this very difficult time of your life.

    Thanks for inspiring me to grow long!


  9. Please dont cut your hair jjj. Its such a precious silk. Just let it grow longer and blossom

  10. Hi JJ
    I'm sorry hear you hard times at this time, I have been through rough times myself, my Hair was
    medcaf length due to miscarriages and failed IVF'S and
    stress. My Hair is still Knee length , it took a very long time. Please keep your beautiful Hair.

  11. Hi JJJ
    Sorry about you loss, look after yourself you are a beautiful Person.
    best regards

  12. Hope you didnt cut your hair. It so beautifully long, i really wanted to see it pass the floor and beyond, you are such gifted child. Sorry for your loss, hope you didnt loss that magnificent hair too...please dont cut it

  13. Hope you will stick with me as I go a bit shorter. I was never into floorlength hair for myself, I just had no time to deal with it as I focused on being a full time caregiver. The ends are 10-12 years old and need to be trimmed. Its not all about length to me.Thank you!