Friday, December 21, 2018

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Happy Holidays to all and Happy New Year!
Here are some fun photos for you

 2019 will be the year when I do my big trim. 
There have been many delays due to personal family business I needed to focus on. 
I have continued trimming after my first 10" trim in Sept 2017. Total of 20" has been trimmed...My hair is still to the floor.

I wanted to get back into having fun with hair so I started working on some hair accessories.
I made 3 videos about my favorite thing...CLAW CLIPS and custom painting them!
You can see them over on my YouTube Channel and to make it easier I can also link them here.
I show them in my hair and the buns are current ones with floorlength hair.

I also made a PAGE over on my hair site and its under construction but you can see some clip photos there.

See how I do it
Video Below is where I SHOW the ones I have painted.
CLAW CLIPS have helped me on my long hair journey more than anything!
Wearing hair up was crucial to gaining length.
So let me focus again on hair and check back for updates!
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