Monday, November 21, 2016

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Comparing Lengths VIDEO's: KNEE & PAST FLOOR
plus some personal info.
There is a 4 year span between these 2 measuring videos and shows 2 very different lengths, knee and past floor and a 18"length difference.
I trimmed a lot between knee and floor and struggled with thickness and a solid hemline. 
I experienced lots of frustration heading to ankles and the journey was slower with frequent trimming, shedding and an inverse V in the hem which I never talked about before, but the V is now pretty much gone. (I think)

I trimmed 1/4 the growth for almost 4 years and gained/kept 18". Again I was focusing somewhat on health over length by trimming but still gained length.
My hair grows about 6" per year.  
Approximate calculations: at 6" per year x 4 yr  would =24" then subtracting the 18" gain would = 6" trimmed during this period or 1/4 of the growth each year.
So in 4 years I trimmed off 1 years worth of growth.
When I reached ankles, my focus was not on hair for almost 3 years(due to a family illness) and instead of trimming it to maintain at ankle, I just let it go knowing I would trim it someday to whatever length I wanted.
I did not want to cut it for very personal reasons. I never intended on having floor length hair or past floor hair as I saw no point in it.. Now with all of this hair, I can cut a significant amount and STILL have very long hair! Another positive factor is that my BANGS which I started growing out in 2005 (advice of the late George Michael and those who he worked with) are now to my calves. I always wanted my hair to be ONE LENGTH.
Retro 2009 video of measuring my hair.(not HD) Knee length here (54") and my original goal as I grew from classic length in 2005. I STILL love this length! Still long but more manageable. Thicker straight hemline here (but far from perfect.) I continued to ankles after knee.Why? A personal test of my hair genes and I wanted the journey to continue. The journey between knee and ankles was not fun, but I kept trying because I really try to be patient and not give up.I had to do this once in my life. With help, encouragement and advice from a couple special friends, I made it.

My longer hair being measured and combed in 2014. Being married to someone who loves long hair is great, but there comes a time when it is even too long for him! (and me) He supports me with my decision to trim quite a bit. He filmed this video :) This is one of my favorite videos. Hair about 72". Shows how to get a accurate measure. This helps when you are charting your growth since you start at hairline and go over back of your head to the tips of your hair. I can even easily measure my own hair like this too. Just grab behind your back and grasp the hair and the tape, drop the tape at hair line, then bring hair to the front and glide your other hand down the tape measure. It's a lot like my self trim method.
 So here are the 2 similar videos and you can really see a big difference in length and maybe hair quality(ends mainly). I NEED a thicker hemline in the future. Hair that I do not step on, hair that is not dragging the floor and hair that I can wear down more.
I tested my hair to the maximum by just leaving it alone!  
Yes it is STILL growing, but not all of my hair will reach the 86" that it is today.
A journey takes many twists and turns. Sometimes you look back and appreciate what you passed and want to go back. I reached the top of the mountain but I can't live here!
When I have time, I want to get a few last photos and maybe a video.
This is taking longer than expected as I have been very busy.

Thank you for reading and following 😊

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  1. I suggest doing another hair measurement video just before your trims.