Sunday, November 6, 2016

Post #9

As I get ready to trim my hair I wanted to make a poll to see what you think.
I have noticed many different opinions in the last few months from friends and fans and thought it would be fun to make a poll so all can see.
Some people could care less and some are very upset I am trimming my hair. Others understand the difficulties or challenges of extreme length. Some are with me no matter what. What do you think? Lets take a POLL!

Perhaps viewing my recent slideshow will give you an idea of the many lengths I have had.

To VOTE in the POLL please 
I tried to post the poll here on my blog but it didn't work right! 
Nothing to sign up for to vote and you can view the results right away!
The poll is on a safe page over on my long hair site. 

I will trim my hair after I make 1 or 2 more videos to record the final longest length. I am trying to do this as soon as possible and move on with the trim.
In the meantime, here is a poll to keep this blog active! 
Thanks for your participation! (and your patience) My hair is about 84" long and past the floor for anyone wondering. If you rather leave a comment, please feel free to do so below!


  1. Iwill never ever get upset at you for no reasons. I love your beautiful hair no matter you do it. Okay

  2. Thank you Alan. Vote in the poll if you can! Thank you.

  3. Whatever makes you happy, its your hair! But I am curios how much are you going to trim?

  4. I vote for classic length so you can wear it down at times. You grew beyond your dreams, it is amazing, thanks for letting us follow the journey. ♥

  5. Dear JJJ. Your hair is absolutely beautiful. Whatever length you will go, I am sure it looks wonderful on you. I voted for floor length ;) I just hope that you will shoot some video material on your straight hair length before your trim. Your hair is unique in the whole world and as a real long hair fan I really would like to see some video material on your hair when your hair is as longest. All the best for you and your family JJJ

    1. I might do it and if the video looks ok I may share. After 3 years of stress my hair went through a lot.

  6. While I would be curious on how long it could grow to, I would like you to be happy before anything else. That's why I think About Fingertip Length is pefect for you!

  7. Dear JJJ, first I'd like to say Thank you very much for being such an inspiration to all people, like myself, with a wish to grow out hair beyond common limits! You were probably the first person I saw online with very long blonde hair. Before that I never thought blobde hair could grow that long and it got my hopes up. I never grew beyond the length between tbl and classic, but again I will try it this time.

    I'm not visiting your blog very much for the last years, so I was very sorry to read all the sorrow and hardship you have been through!
    I wish you all the best!

    I also voted for hairlength, but I'm sure that whatever feels right for you is the best length ;-) A small advise though: never cut a lot of hair off at once. Best take small steps with time in between, so you can reconsider a big cut.

  8. Cutting four years of growth would be about 24 inches, leaving you at around 60 inches. Based on your videos of the past I think that would be an awesome length.

  9. Will you be taking the results of the poll into consideration for your trim?

  10. I am reading this recently, so i do not know if u have the haircut already.
    If not yet, i voted for knee length hair or mid calf length hair, so u can wear it down and still above the floor.
    And have more nice hairdos.

  11. Honey, do what YOU feel is best for you. On and off I have seen your YouTube videos of your long hair care journey. You don't cease to amaze me. Keep taking care of yourself and your hair.

  12. Honey, do what YOU feel is best for you. On and off I have seen your YouTube videos of your long hair care journey. You don't cease to amaze me. Keep taking care of yourself and your hair.

  13. I'm sure it will look lovely what ever you do even if you cut back to knee. At this point I would almost be curious to see how long it will actually grow before cutting back a little. It looks amazing at any rate must be fun to have hair that long. I'm sure its lots of work.