Thursday, April 5, 2018

Post # 11

AN UPDATE. Better late than never.

So sorry I have not been able to keep up with this blog and updating it more often. Life has been very hectic and the best laid plans seem to be a dream sometimes!(all the time lately) I DID CUT 10" back in Sept of 2017 but didn't post about it here. It was the oldest hair that was dragging the floor and it had to go!
I also did a video of the trim but have not had time to edit the video. Maybe my next post will include the video.Does anyone really want to see it??? 10" with my extreme length is not really much! It was 86" and now 76". I continued to maintain at 76" by doing smaller trims several times in the last few months. For the first time I cut my hair while it was tied off with a small band. I always self trim and it is very easy to do if your hair is long enough. So combined I have cut about 14" since September 2017.Today it still hits the floor enough to step on it and be too long!

I can post an OLDER self trim direction picture here for you to see. This is how I do the smaller trims.
Im planning on cutting back to around knee very soon.Almost like in these photos of the self trim but a bit longer. I hope you can see the photo good enough to read...if not see the bigger photos HERE on my site!

The day I cut the 10" I actually made a video called the easy hand wrap poof bun. I refused to do a video until I did a major trim! I hated the way the ends looked that much! Also, My hair was sort of messy after about 6 takes of the bun so hair is a bit wrinkled! I have also been sleeping with a bun and its caused some breakage which can be seen in the video! Just being honest! I never used to sleep with it in a bun but got in the habit while caring for a sick family member and then just kept doing after the family member passed away.
I wear my hair in the easy hand wrap style often as it is so easy and fast with no twisting or braiding!
I have been dealing with numerous problems in life that has prevented me from focusing on hair projects! Its really sad that I have lost so much time!!
Anyway, here is the video I did on the day of the cut back in September 2017. I hope to get the trim video up at some point and will ONLY be posting it here and not public over on YouTube! Check back.
Please do not try to talk me out of trimming my hair. Im going forward and this is what the blog is all about! Finding MY best hair length.
And the beautiful stick here was by Eaduards Hair sticks which sadly has gone out of business.

💖Thank you so much for visiting and for your patience!!!
Taking down the poof bun!


Here are the poll results...( FROM PREVIOUS BLOG )
followed by PAST FLOOR 53 votes
then FLOOR LENGTH 48 votes
then ANKLE 41 votes
and then KNEE at 38 votes
💖Thank you for voting long hair lovers!!

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