Friday, June 15, 2018

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finally... my hair trim video!

86 to 76 trim!

Although this was from September 2017, I finally got around to sharing it here. It's NOT public on YouTube and is for this blog ONLY. Many things prevented me from working on this video including my computer crashing, but here it is! 

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TODAY my hair is still 73" and I want to maintain it for a while around 68-70"/floor/ankle range to thicken up the ends if possible...My hair really needed this trim and I was very happy with the outcome and say goodbye to my longest, oldest hair.

I have done several small 1"/ 2" and dustings trims since this video and will continue to trim monthly.

Trimming is all part of the growing journey, so for those few people who are upset, please don't be!

FYI my hair grows about 7" per year.

  I have trimmed 18" since September 2017


How do I wear all of this hair???

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  1. That seems like such a perfect hair has remained in such great condition over the years...despite a stressful period and aging..great work. Glad you have some time to continue your work of educating and inspiring long hair!

    1. Thank you indi500fan! Yes my hair really is in good condition these days but the last few years were brutal as far as stress sheds and harsh winters. Now I am on a different diet so we will see what turn my hair takes. So far all is good on my plant based diet for 18 months.Thank you for always supporting this hair journey :)

  2. What ever length you are most comfortable with is the perfect length - beautiful hair.

  3. Hi! My 15 yr old daughter and I are trying to grow our hair long. It's not as long as yours by any means :), but we wanted to know a few tips that you have. Her hair is thick with natural wave bordering on curls in the humidity. (waist length) My hair is between straight and wavy (hip length), but I've noticed some changes as I've aged. My scalp is getting dry patches. My hair shaft is thinning and is more prone to breakage. I still have a nice head of hair, but I'd like to keep it that way. We both have split ends even into our length, but we also wear our hair in braids, ponytails and buns. We stopped going to salons because they look at long hair and want to chop it all off into a "style" that looks goods for about a month. We appreciate you showing us how to trim/dust our own, and that's the way we did it at our last trim. We're also really enjoying all your youtube videos! Warmly, R & M