Monday, May 11, 2015

# 1 POST...Reverse hair journey & Introduction

Hello! I have had this blog since 2011 but never really used it! I'm ready to start by updating you with my hair length and documenting my reverse journey. What is a reverse journey? Going backwards and on to hair a bit shorter. My hair is 80 inches right now and I am ready to do many trims deciding on my ideal length!It has been a fun journey and I have reached many goals!
Now it is time to balance Health and Length and start trimming. I have been growing my hair long since 1991 and maintained at tailbone to classic for 10 years between 1995 & 2005. In 2005 I decided to grow longer. Knee was my original goal but I was encouraged to grow longer. Testing my hair genes I decided to grow to ankles. Life got in the way and before I knew it I was at floor length and then beyond floor. This blog will include trimming videos from YouTube and info on my past progress up to my longest length! 
(see post #5 for progress videos starting in 2006!)
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 (also a backup in case my main website at "Zoomshare" is closed at some point. My server came close to closing in 2014 with little warning!)

My original goal was knee length in 2005!
I started my longer hair journey in 2005 with hair at 36". I have trimmed at least 25" during the last 10 years and still have hair past the floor.Here are a few photos of different lengths.
So check back because I plan to start trimming soon. Health over length from now on. I have tested my hair genes to see if my hair would keep did! It grew longer than I ever planned! I have a 2014 video of measuring my hair. Husband RJ helps me comb and measure. He will help my with my future trims if I need him. I do love to self trim too!Its very easy and fun to self trim!
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Here is the video of measuring long hair. My hair is still growing at a steady pace of half inch a month. There is some taper and the ends are over 10 years old! Time to trim :)
I have many youtube videos on 2 channels. JJJLONGHAIR4u2c  for hair tutorials, art of hair and hair progress. JJJLONGHAIR for hair tips, products and more.

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