Tuesday, May 12, 2015

# 2 POST What is it like to have PAST Floor Length Hair?

My hair is actually PAST the floor by several inches, 82" to be exact. Its really just too long to walk with it down now. Although it does taper quite a bit, I step on it easily and this really bothers me. So, I really have to wear it up ALL OF THE TIME! When I comb it I need to lift it up to reach the ends or comb from behind like this!

When I carefully blow dry it, it is so long that it takes much longer for the whole process. Bending forward drying, my hair is really laying on the floor quite a bit! My hair starts to go down the shower drain while washing! Washing it is not very hard, I simply wash it standing in the shower. I do however use lots of conditioner these days!My favorite conditioner right now is Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner. It has lots of cones and I really need them to comb out my hair and eliminate tangles! Combing out wet hair is the part I like least!
Trying to sit with hair this long requires moving it several times. Either over the back of a chair or behind me as I try to avoid sitting on it. (once you hit classic you sit on it)
Braiding it takes about 10 minutes if I have a good day. Just the separating it into 3 sections is a challenge because the ends get stuck together. When your hair is longer than your arms can reach, things become a challenge! It becomes a super challenge beyond floor! All during these things I try to be as gentle as possible so it just takes some extra time.
I love to use a BBB (Boar Bristle Brush) on the scalp, but find it nearly impossible to go from scalp to tips now. I currently only BBB the length.
I just put my hair up and forget about it! It feels great to wear it up and not have to worry about it getting in the way with every move I make! But, at this length I wrap, and wrap, and wrap to make buns! They are also very BIG with so much hair!I needed 3 sticks for this one!

On the other hand, I am grateful for having the hair genes to grow to this length. I never really intended to even go past ankle length. Life got in the way(family illness) and I ignored the length for 18+ months tending to other things more important.

 Is there such a thing as too long? YES.
I am still working on a couple projects before I go shorter. I am shocked seeing my photos and the extreme length lol. I look forward to being able to wear it down sometimes and not step on it!

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  1. You did an amazing job growing your hair long and healthy..

  2. Thank you for letting it get that long! I envy you! My old girlfriend has the ability and your similar hair and she cuts all to shoulders.too short! But it only takes her a year and half to achieve waist length again.i soo wish she would let it grow past floor