Wednesday, May 13, 2015

# 3 POST Favortie Buns for floor length hair(VIDEOS)

With hair past the floor I wear my hair up everyday!
 I have been wearing it up for many years and due to the need to wear BUNS,I have my own way of doing my hair. I have a few of my favorite styles to share. My styles are pretty basic, no intricate braiding,tight twisting, curling etc... just everyday buns that can be done quickly. Of course your hair need not be to the floor to do these! Try them with shorter lengths like  knee,classic or waist length.  I use some basic tools, hair clips/claw clips and hair sticks. Here are the BUNS I wear the most. My top 4 favorite videos :)
Lets start with The JJJ Pretzel Bun.
I invented this bun in 2005 when I was experimenting with creating buns and using claw clips. My hair is somewhat heavy and I found that with claw clips, the hair is held up all day with no pulling or sagging! Although there are fancier tools to hold hair, I love these clips!
This bun is what brought me to Youtube! I wanted to share it and was one of the first to make a bun demo!
This is the remake from 2014. I have the Original tutorial from 2005 linked to this video.


I also love the JJJ's Figure 8 Twist ( below) I wear this often. (With my bun being so large, I prefer elongated buns over buns that are round, like a cinnamon bun) With my longer hair I was able to twist the hair one more time, changing the look of a figure 8 type bun. Again using 2 claw clips for this style (so comfy) I can wear this bun all day!

I never twist the hair very tight. The ponytail helps hold it all together. Metal free elastics only and 2 of them since my hair is heavy. The clips are by Goody and are the best clips I have ever used!

Another frequently worn bun is the JJJ's 2 Stick Cinnamon Bun
For years I had trouble using hair sticks and couldn't figure out how to get them to hold. They never worked good for me until I started experimenting by putting them in during the bun making and not after!

 Using the metal free elastics again I start with a ponytail, but this is actually optional.The first twist should be tight. Insert the stick through the center of the rolled hair, catching some scalp hair and pushing through the other side of the rolled hair. This is a strong base. These wooden hair sticks were made for me by husband RJ.


And a newer style, JJJ's Easy Hand Wrap Bun
Using the 2 elastics (needed in this style) make a ponytail. Wrap the hair around the hand until you run out. Now insert the stick.
Its a very easy style and beginners can do it!

This originated when I would squeeze water out of my hair while washing it. I never twist the wet hair, I only wrapped it around my hand to squeeze out water! It evolved into this bun! This is a go to bun in the morning because I can do it so quickly (20 sec)


Protective styles like this are very important to wear often to save from the wear and tear of wearing it down or even in a braid. Rubbing on clothes, catching on things, blowing and tangling take a toll. Avoid or decrease split ends and tangles by wearing protective styles like buns! 

Long haired Ladies, try these styles! Good for men too!

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